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About Us
Astos Solutions provides software and test equipment for space applications. Targeted areas are
  • Trajectory optimization
  • Multidisciplinary design optimization
  • Mission performance analysis
  • System concept analysis
  • GNC design and simulation
  • Flexible-body multi-body simulation
  • Magnetic field identification and compensation
  • Safety and risk assessment
  • Real-time raw sensor data emulation (LIDAR & camera)

ASTOS Flies High

Seven teams of the 11th Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition have used the ASTOS software. Read more...

Phase 0 Study: NEUTRINO (New Orbital Launch System for Nanosatellites)

Astos Solutions has signed a contract with the DLR space agency to perform a phase 0 study about the design of a nano-launcher. Read more...

ESA contract for "Advanced Modelling of Launch Vehicles in Multi-Body Software"

ESA signed a technology development contract with Astos Solutions for further development of the multi-body and flexible-body modelling of launch vehicles. Read more...
Astos Solutions is a member of Forum Luft- und Raumfahrt Baden-Württemberg e.V.,
the association of the aerospace industry in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
Upcoming Events
Space Tech Expo, 24-26 Oct 2017
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Current Releases
ASTOS 8.0.19GESOP 7.2.0
SOS 2012.08  LOTOS 2.0.2

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